Walking tour in Spetses

Shore excursion from port of Spetses, Greece

  • Duration 3h
  • Activity level medium

What you'll do

Pick up at the port by our guide with a SHOREXC sign.
Spetses was populated around 2500 BC, according to finds found in Agia Marina. In the 17th century it starts to develop and becomes a great naval force, standing out in 1821 fighting against the Turkish fleet and contributing to the final victory.

It is a very green island, small in size, but with good tourist facilities. Dapia, the capital of the island, has an impressive square next to the harbor, paved with black and white pebbles leading to the sea, gives its name to the whole harbor area. Not to be missed are visits to the cathedral of Agios Nicolaos and the churches of Agii Pantes and Panagia. The city museum is housed in the 18th-century Mexis mansion. The port of Paleo Limani, home to yachts, fishermen and canoe builders, is fascinating.

Spetses is a perfect island for a wonderful stroll, admiring its elegant stately architecture, cobblestone streets lined with jasmine and bougainvillea gardens that make it a pleasure to discover the island on foot.

Starting with the main port of Dapia, where the historic building of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel is located.  First built in 1914 by Sotirios Anargyros, in the style of the Hotel Negresco in Venice and the Carlton in Cannes.  It was completely renovated in 2009, taking care of every detail of the building's architectural structure and has since won an impressive array of international awards. A couple of minutes from the hotel is the house of Sotirios Anargyros built in 1904. This mansion is guarded by two Egyptian sphinxes, giving it an exotic touch that is unusual for a Greek island. Anargyros, an institution on the island, was a maritime merchant who emigrated to the United States and became one of the largest tobacco traders of the time. He returned to his homeland in Spetses and made it his life's goal to develop the island by financing several large and pioneering projects, including the island's first reservoir, the luxurious hotel or the replanting of the great forest of Spetses, which, although it is the very name of the island, Spetses means "Island of Pines" in Greek, had been depleted due to the need for shipbuilding during the previous centuries. Understanding the importance of education for the development of the island, together with the Greek prime minister of the time they founded an elite educational institution in the 1920s, emulating the famous British Eton and Harrow schools, which would educate the leaders of the new Greek society and many other illustrious personages.

The neoclassical mansions also have their space on the island, being able to highlight places like Chatziyannis Mexis, an excellent example of the eighteenth century that currently houses the museum with more than 4,000 years of history within its walls. Among the objects, we can find the Flag of the Revolution, the Ossuary of Bouboulina and portraits of men who fought for their homeland, Spetses. Lascarina Bouboulina is one of the few heroines of the Greek Revolution and, in particular, one of the most famous women in Greek history. The building itself is noteworthy for its architectural details, especially the intricately carved wooden ceiling in the main hall, and it houses numerous archaeological objects including Byzantine and post-Byzantine pottery pieces, sculptures, coins and icons; portraits, weapons, historical documents, photographs and personal items. Another section of the museum is focused on objects related to the folklore of the island, handcrafted works of art, costumes, embroidery and objects of daily use.

Return to the port for farewell.




  • Easy / Panoramic / Cultural Level
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and a hat or umbrella depending on the weather on this day.
  • Excursion not recommended for people with reduced mobility, people traveling in a wheelchair or with baby strollers.



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