SORTLAND - Sortland and National Tourist Route of Andoy

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  • Port of Sortland
  • National Tourist Road of Andoy
  • Risøyhamn
  • Åse and Dverberg
  • Andenes
  • Stop for snacks, cup of coffee, etc.
  • Andenes Lighthouse
  • Bleik, Stave and Bjørnskinn
  • Return to the Port of Sortland


Our guide / coordinator will meet you at the Port of Sortland with a Shore2Shore Excursions sign.

Vesterålen is a group of Lofoten islands bordering the south. Vesterålen islands are connected by bridges and are also linked to the mainland. Lofoten and Vesterålen are the most important part of Norway for fishing and shellfish. Vesterålen includes six municipalities: Andøy, Bo, Hadsel, Lødingen, Sortland and Øksnes. The varied landscape of the area is a paradise for those interested in outdoor activities with many possibilities for kayaking, mountaineering, fishing and hiking.

We will visit 2 municipalities: Andøy and Sortland along the National Tourist Road of Andoy.

We will head towards Andenes by the National Tourist Road of Andoy. We will enjoy a scenic drive on Vesterålen islands along the coast on the island of Andoy, with its white beaches to arrive to Risøyhamn, a small community on the island of Andøy on Nordland County.

We will enjoy a stop to discover fascinating landscapes before climbing back to our bus towards Andenes.

We will pass through the villages of Åse and Dverberg with its octagonal wooden church built in 1843 on a promontory near the town before arriving at Andenes and again enjoy a stop for snacks or a light lunch (not included) or a cup of coffee in coffee shops and local restaurants.

One of the attractions of Andenes are boat trips for whale watching. Very typical is also the Andenes Lighthouse that opened in 1859 and is still in use. The lighthouse has a height of 40 meters and a staircase with 148 steps.

We are invited to visit the lighthouse and we must know that a certificate is delivered to come up at all, but only if time permits!

When we will back to the port of Sortland we will pass through the villages of Bleik, Stave and Bjørnskinn where we will have some photostops.

Return to Sortland.

Bon Voyage!!