PIRAEUS Athens, Plaka & Acropolis

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  • Port of Piraeus - Athens
  • Zea Marina, Kastela, Microlimano
  • Faliro Area
  • Olimpiakos Stadium, Peace and Friendship Stadium
  • Stadium od Panathenaikon
  • Olympieion
  • Arch of Hadrian, Statue of Lord Byron, Constitution Square
  • Royal Palace
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • University
  • National Academy
  • National Library
  • Acropolis
  • Plaka
  • Return to Port of Piraeus


  • HALF DAY - 6 Hours


  • Acropolis tickets: - Full:  20,00€,  - Reduced: 12,00€
  • Free admission for: Young people, under the age of 18, after demonstrating the Identity Card or passport to confirm the age.
  • Hearphones required 2.50€ per person


From the port, we will start with a panoramic tour, passing through the Zea Marina, Kastela and Microlimano, continuing towards the Faliro area where the old port of Athens is located. You will see the Olimpiakos Stadium and Peace and Friendship Stadium as well as other sports facilities that hosted the 2004 Olympic Games.

Crossing the Syngrou Avenue, we will reach the center of Athens to enjoy our first stop to the Stadium od Panathenaikon promoted by Lycurgus in the 4th century BC and rebuilt in 1896 according to its original plan. The Olympic flame is carried here every four years.

The bus will then drive us to Olympieion (temple of Olympian Zeus) which dates from the 6th century BC, one of the largest temples of Corinthian style and the Zapion, located within the National Gardens. We will continue towards the Hadrian Arch, the Statue of Lord Byron, the Constitution Square with the Presidential Palace built by Otto I of Bavaria, today seat of the Parliament. In front of the Palace is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, protected by the Presidential Guard.

As we drive through the city we will pass important neoclassical buildings such as the University, the National Academy  and the National Library.

Our exciting travel through time will continue with the visit to the famous Acropolis, dominating the Athenian landscape since 5th Century BC, Athens Golden Age. We will walk around the site and its notable structures, like the Propylaea and beyond them Parthenon, one of the most recognizable monuments of ancient civilization built as a temple to the patron deity of the city Athena, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Erectheum with its graceful Porch of the Caryatids.

Before returning to the port of Piraeus, we will have a free time in Plaka (old area of Athens) to do some shopping, have lunch or visit the Temple of Zeus and the Dionisio Theater (same ticket Acropolis). New Museum of Acropolis is located at 300 meters and can also be visited (not included).

Return to the Port of Piraeus via Syngrou Avenue.

Bon Voyage !!