PIRAEUS Athens and Acropolis New Museum

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  • Port of Athens
  • Panoramic tour of Athens
  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis New Museum
  • Port of Athens


  • FULL DAY - 8 Hours


  • Entrance to Acropolis : 20.00€/person
  • Entrance to Acropolis New Museum : 15.00€/person


1 January, 25 March, 1 May, Easter (Easter Sunday), 25 and 26 December.

These days the Acropolis will be closed because it is a public holiday. The visit will be from the outside from the mountain and there will be no possibility of entering. The rest of the itinerary will not be affected.

Athens Acropolis Timetable:

From April to October: Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

From November to March: Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Our guide will meet you at the port of Athens.

The panoramic tour will start through the Zea Marina, Kastela and Microlimano, following the Faliro area, where the oldest port in Athens is located. There you can see the Olympiakos stadium and the Peace and Friendship stadium as well as other sports facilities that hosted the 2004 Olympic Games.

Across the great avenue Syngrou we will reach the center of Athens, our first stop; The Panathenaikon stadium also known as Kalimarmaro, promoted by Licurgo in the 4th century and reconstructed in 1896 according to its original plan and where every four years takes the Olympic flame.

Continuation to Olympieion (the Temple of Olympian Zeus) from the 6th century, one of the largest temples of Corinthian style, and the Zapion that is inside the National Gardens, the arch Hadrian (second century). We will continue towards the statue of Lord Byron, the Place of the Constitution where we will see the Presidential Palace built by Otto I of Bavaria and today the seat of Parliament.

In front of the Palace is the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in which two soldiers stand guard. Next we will pass through the neoclassical buildings of the University, the Academy and the Library.

Being in Athens, the cradle of European civilization for twenty-five centuries, we can see that the panorama of the city is dominated by the rock of the Acropolis. We will go up to visit it and see the main monuments: the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and the magnificent Parthenon.

With the same ticket of the Acropolis you can visit the Temple of Zeus and the first theater of European civilization (Theater of Dionisio).

Three hundred meters from the Acropolis is the New Museum of the Acropolis. The museum was opened in 2009 and is divided into three levels containing numerous stone and bronze sculptures from excavations near the Acropolis. The collections exhibited in it are divided into two great eras, Archaic and Classical, some of which are more than 2500 years old.

Distributed in three galleries, through the ground floor glass of the ground floor, the visitor can see the ruins of an ancient Athenian neighborhood. In the first gallery, the exhibits include vessels and votive offerings from the shrines located on the slopes of the Acropolis (Nymphe, Asclepio, Dionisio). The archaic gallery on the first floor is a veritable forest of votive offerings to Athena. Among other outstanding pieces are the originals of the Caryatids. The museum's main attraction is the top-floor Parthenon gallery, a glass atrium and a virtual replica of the Parthenon cella. It shows the sculptures of the temple, the pediments, the frieze and the metopas, as well as plaster replicas of the missing pieces that are currently in the British Museum.

Before returning to the port of Piraeus, we will visit the ancient area of ​​Athens (called Plaka), where we will have free time (depending on the ship's stay in port) to shop, taste Greek gastronomy, and enjoy the area.

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