NARVIK - Narvik, Gratangen and surroundings

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  • Port of Narvik
  • Gratangen
  • Tjeldsund bridge
  • Grovfjord
  • Villages of Bogen
  • Sami Várdobáiki center
  • Bjerkvik
  • Return to port of Narvik


Our guide will meet you at the Port of Narvik with a Shore2Shore Excursions sign.

Narvik is considered a young city, since it was established in 1902 and today has approximately 18,500 inhabitants.

The region surrounding Narvik, is called Ofoten, and has 6 municipalities and Narvik is the district center. Narvik has its own airport, a railway station and is considered an important distribution center. The region is surrounded by majestic craggy mountains, beautiful fjords, waters full of fish and other sea creatures. The city also offers great opportunities for shopping, food quality and variety of activities and cultural offerings.

Departing the port, we will drive towards the coast of Gratangen, paradise of nature and blue fjords. The mountains rise to sharp peaks on both sides of the bay, and has peaks up to 1200-1300 meters above sea level. We will stop at Gratangen area before heading Tjeldsund bridge along the Grovfjord.

In the area of Tjeldsund we will stop for snacks or a light lunch (not included) or a cup of coffee in coffee shops and local restaurants.

Before returning to port, will have us approximately two hours and pass through typical villages of Bogen, in the municipality of Evenes, which is right between the two cities of Harstad and Narvik, with approximately 1,400 inhabitants.

The administrative center of Evenes is Bogen and the municipality is composed of forest, long coastlines and mountain areas. Evenes is known for its Sami culture.

Sami Várdobáiki center is located here. The Bogen area opens us the door to the traditions and the Sami culture.

Before returning to Narvik we will pass through Bjerkvik, a pretty seaside village really enjoyable with its summer music festivals.

Back to the port of Narvik.

Bon Voyage!!