NAPLES Ancient Pompei

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  • Port of Naples
  • Pompei
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  • Entrance to Pompei´s ruins: 16,00 € per person
  • Earphones 2.50€ per person


Our Shore2Shore Excursions guide will meet you at the Port of Naples where we board an air-conditioned coach to take a guided tour to Pompei, at the foot of the awesome Mount Vesuvius.

Ancient and rich town of the Oscan period, Pompei represents a magnificent and historical example of life in the 1st century a.C. The town was entirely covered by the lava of Mount Vesuviusin 79 A.D.

The excavations started in the XVII century and have brought to light items of immeasurable value.

The tour of the excavations starts from Porta Marina, the gate to the forum that was the economical and political centre of the town.

The guide will lead passengers for their walking tour and they will be able to relive the historical events and experience a typical day in antiquity.

Passengers will admire the luxurious mansions and fabulous art of wealthy patricians who came to Pompei to escape the turmoil in Rome.

Their houses were designed around an inner garden with few windows on the exteriors, so residents could forget the outside world and get sunlight from their own courtyards; they will visit some of the more modest homes, and also explore ancient baths, temples, theatres, markets and huge forum.

We will then return to the Port of Naples so you can re-join your ship for onward passage to your next port of call.

We trust you had a wonderful day with us and we shall look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bon Voyage!!