NAFPLION Mycenae and Palamidi

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  • Port of Nafplion
  • Mycenae
  • Acropolis of Mycenae
  • Treasure of Atreus
  • Venetian Fortress of Palamidi
  • Port of Nafplion


  • 4 HOURS 30 MNS


  • Mycenae Acropolis : Adult 12.00€ / + 65 years 6.00€ / - 18 years FREE
  • Fortress of Palamidi : Adult 8.00€ / + 65 years 4.00€ / - 18 years FREE

Our guide will meet you at the port with a Shore2Shore sign.


Our excursion will begin from the Port of Nafplion, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities of Greece. Our bus will drive us to Mycenae, crossing the beautiful fields full of orange groves and lemon trees of the Argolid region.There, we will visit the imposing ruins. This kingdom has been the most powerful in Greece for 400 years.


In Mycenae, myth and history are closely linked, according to Homer in his epics The Iliad and the Odyssey, the city was founded by the son of Danáe and Zeus; Perseus, the hero who killed Medusa, the goddess of snake hair whose eyes turned to stone. The Perseus dynasty was overthrown by Pelops, a son of Tantalus. Probably from Tantalus descend the royal house of Atreus, although the myth and history are intermingled, and the genealogies are so complex that no one could assure it with certainty. Be as it was the genealogical line, in the days of Agamemnon the house of Atreus was the most powerful of the Achaeans, as Homer called the Greeks. This house had an unfortunate end, which was the fulfillment of the curse that weighed on it. 


Acropolis of Mycenae:

We will enter the citadel of Mycenae through the spectacular door of Lions, built with large blocks of stone and crowned by a huge relief of two rampant lionesses, perhaps the insignia of the house of Atreus.


Leaving the Acropolis we will visit the monumental vaulted tomb called Treasure of Atreus.


We will return to Nafplio to visit the Venetian Fortress of Palamidi, whose views over the sea and the surrounding land are magnificent. It was built by Venetians between 1711-1714 and is considered a masterpiece of military architecture.


At the end we will return to the Port of Nafplion where you can enjoy free time on a dream journey walking through its attractive narrow streets, flanked by elegant Venetian houses and neoclassical mansions with flowery balconies.


Return to the port.


Bon voyage!!