EIDFJORD Voringfossen Waterfall and Hardangervidda Center

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  • Port of Eidfjord
  • Nature Hardangervidda center
  • Måbødal valley
  • Voeringfossen waterfall
  • Port of Eidfjord




  • Entrance to Hardangervidda centre : 15.00€ (adults and children from 13 years), 12.00€ (children 3 to 12 years)

Our guide will meet you at the port of Eidfjord.

We will leave Eidfjord, a charming village next to the fjord, built on the sand and black gravel of the last ice age around 8000 years ago.

Following the Eid River, known for trout and salmon fishing, we will make a stop on the other side of Lake Eidfjord to visit the nature center "Nature Hardangervidda", a modern museum to discover the Norwegian nature, the environment and the climate through exhibitions and interactive activities, technological and visual effects adapted to all. There is also a panoramic film in which one can fly over fjords, mountains and waterfalls, a wonderful virtual experience above high mountains, deep fjords with steep gorges and on mountain lakes and glaciers. This place is also the official center of the Hardangervidda National Park.

Continuation through the Måbødal valley with its spectacular steep mountains.

Today, the road passes mainly through long tunnels, but during our excursion we will discover the ancient stone paths and beautiful bridges built in the past.

Arrival at Hotel Fossli and the famous Voeringfossen waterfall. In front of the hotel, a path leads to an observation platform from which one can enjoy the view of the Voeringfossen waterfall with a deep canyon almost 600 feet high.

Return to the port of Eidfjord.